The top 3 mistakes that cost you too many good customers
Written by Inna Kerzman on Feb. 8 2018
Retention Design 3 Top mistakes
After working with and analyzing over 30 different SaaS products, we bring you the 3 biggest mistakes that cause a great company with a great product to lose customers they worked hard to get. It’s not all bad though, there are tons of growth opportunities too.
Why Monday's B2C attitude to a B2B product is good for business
Written by Inna Kerzman on Sep. 8 2018
A few months back we had the pleasure to be hosted by Shirley Baumer, product manager at Monday (previously DaPulse), to chat about how they maintain a product with such high customer engagement. What we found out was amazing in its simplicity- they have a B2C attitude to a B2B product.
4 Awesome Onboarding Experiences and Why We Love Them
Written by Inna Kerzman on Aug. 14 2018
Following our post about Debunking Onboarding Myths, we wanted to share some of our personal favorite user onbaording experiences and WHY we love them. So get inspired, save them to your swipe file, and look at your product’s onboarding experience with fresh eyes.
Hop onboard!
Debunking User Onboarding Myths
Written by Inna Kerzman on Jul. 29 2018
We hear more and more buzz about user onboarding lately, but also many miss-conceptions about it’s purpose and how to create an onboarding experience that really helps engage new users. So we, at Retention Design, are here to help. And we’re going to do that by busting some major user onboarding myths. 
A Chat With Gil Sadis from Lemonade About Making Customer-Centered Products
Written by Inna Kerzman on May 19 2018
We specialize in customer retention and follow companies that deliver great customer experience. So we were very happy to meet Gil Sadis, head of product at Lemonade, and talk about how they created a product people love. Gil also threw in important tips for product makers.