4 Awesome Onboarding Experiences and Why We Love Them
Written by Inna Kerzman on Aug. 14 2018
Following our post about Debunking Onboarding Myths, we wanted to share some of our personal favorite user onbaording experiences and WHY we love them. So get inspired, save them to your swipe file, and look at your product’s onboarding experience with fresh eyes.
Hop onboard!
#1: Lemonade’s Get-quote Flow
Lemonade, the AI based insurance service that schools the biggest insurance companies, does it by investing heavily in a great customer experience. It starts with getting a quote- their user onboarding. We love it because it could’ve been just another multi-step form, but it’s not, it’s a meticulously designed conversation (and it’s really easy to follow along). Check out the flow here.
Bonus: Kinneret Yifrah wrote a great post about Micro-copy best practices she learned from Lemonade’s onboarding here.
#2: Typeform’s Auto-magical Registration
Speaking of forms- Typeform, the platform that turns data collection into an experience, has a beautiful viral loop embedded in it’s forms.
On the thank you page of forms you just completed (created with a free Typeform account), there is a prominent call to action to create your own typeform. By clicking on it the user is directed straight into the product, without being asked to sign up. They only ask for the user’s information as a means to save their work. We love the auto-magical registration, it reduces all the friction that a signup imposes after a brilliantly positioned call-to-action. Check out the flow here.
#3: Dropbox’s Easy Device Sync
Dropbox doesn’t really need introduction, it’s one of the leading file hosting services out there. To get the most value out of Dropbox it needs to be synced on all the user’s devices, so it’s no surprise that downloading the app on additional devices is part of Dropbox’s onboarding flow. But we love that Dropbox didn’t stop at just advising the user to do it, they actually made it easy to do with some QR magic that makes the experience super smooth. Check out the tear-down that demonstrates the whole thing here.
#4: Campaign Monitor’s Journey Inspiration
Sometimes it’s hard to get started not because the product is complicated, but because the user might lack the professional know-how. The team at Campaign Monitor, an email marketing platform, understands this set-back so well that they created an entire flow dedicated to helping non-email marketing professional find the right campaign formula for them. We love it because it really helps users to learn the ropes of email marketing while using the product, and from there the road to creating their first campaign is short. Check out the flow here.
These were out top 4 picks. We hope you learned some helpful new tricks to apply to your product’s onboarding or add to your swipe file.

Inna Kerzman

Inna Kerzman is a multidisciplinary experience designer. Over the past 5 years, she worked with successful startups at the intersection of user experience and business analysis to create digital experiences that boost growth.

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